Digital Agency in Hull

Our websites synergise user experience with modern representative design. We create solutions that can impress as market leaders, suitable for innovative startups and recognised brands with a strong online presence.

Every project is undertaken with the mindset to ensure this is our best product yet, calling on new functionalities and design trends to stand out from your competitors and blow your visitors minds.

We are an exciting startup in the crowded business process outsourcing industry, so we put forward a challenge for the New Cove Marketing team to deliver something modern and innovative whilst keeping the user journey simple. I couldn’t be happier with the finished result and i’m still amazed at how smoothly things went from the offset. I highly recommend getting this talented team behind your business too.

Creative Writing

The expression content is king is as true as it is cheesy. Writing engaging copy to engage an audience whilst satisfying search and social algorithms is a growing challenge for businesses, especially at the volume demanded to increase your brand awareness.

Our content creation specialists have worked on campaigns in various niche industries, delivered volumes of content in excess of one million words and receive ongoing opportunities to work with audiences on reputable and established platforms.

Thank You For Supporting Us – You’re Leading Digital Agency in Hull

We’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback in response to our recent drive to get involved in community support networks and forums, helping small business owners and website designers through the struggles faced during the learning curve.

It has been a rewarding experience for all of us at New Cove Marketing and we wish for nothing more than to continue contributing across all of these social platforms. Over the last week, we have been working with group moderators to introduce more structured content and guides, which will be available on demand via WP School in the near future. You’ve helped us climb from being a local digital agency in Hull to recognised industry influencers. Thank you.

Social Media

Social media has taken over business to consumer engagement, whether your an international presence like Nike or Adidas, a local high street supplier or even a digital agency in Hull like ourselves. Customers have come to expect social engagement to navigate through the customer journey on their preferred social platform. Social media has the opportunity to benefit any business, but we believe that most businesses and marketing agencies are approaching it wrong.

Content is crucial to any social media marketing campaign, but it isn’t the be all and end all. More often than not brands are publishing content to their existing audience and expecting this to provide growth. How? Your content isn’t reaching new audiences. Our campaigns are focused around not only the remarketing you come to expect with social media but about increasing brand awareness.

All of our social activity is completed naturally by trained professionals organically navigating the social platforms.

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