Creative Content Writing in Hull

Content is at the center of everything digital in today’s playbook (This very page about copywriting in Hull being a prime example). This could be in the form of direct and engaging copy to encourage lead generation and conversions or it can perform more of a backseat role in search engine optimisation backlink strategies. One thing is for certain, your business will require large volumes of copy to perform efficiently in your digital marketing strategy. That’s where we come in, the leading agency for content writing in Hull.

We specialise in producing white-hat, natural and ethical copy. We don’t use software automation or attempt to re-word content that other authors have produced. We invest time into understanding the topic, audience and objective to create something unique from fresh.

Website Content Writing in Hull

Our creative writing team go beyond the expectations of your typical digital marketing agency in Hull. We don’t look at website copy as a necessity to fill white space, but instead an opportunity that your business should be utilising and taking advantage of to build a relationship with your visitors.

Writing effective copy is all about keeping the content simple and answering objections. We may be able to flaunt some industry terms around, but what’s the benefit in doing so if they aren’t conveying a message to the reader? It’s all about your message.

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Before we approach your content, we’ll dive into our initial research exploring your brand’s tone of voice, analysing your competitors and grasping a further understanding of your industry. We may also arrange a consultation during this stage to learn more from you directly.



We’re firm believers in conveying a message in as simple terms as possible. We start by listing the objections and target points of the article. We’ll then introduce our substantiating data before fleshing out the content into the type of end product you’d come to expect.



We will never rush your content from writing to publishing. Our writers always ensure every article goes through our process of initial proof-reading from another team member and a quality review from the writer the following day once they are reading back with a fresh mind.

Our writing approach is all about conveying information in a clean and crisp manner that keeps the user journey flowing. The purpose of copy can vary hugely based on the marketing strategy, from long and informative content designed to convey product or service diversity or depth to a more ‘straight to the point’ orientated towards converting visitors into customers.

Our content goes through multiple rounds of proofing to ensure we’re meeting the New Cove Marketing quality standards. We’re proud to be one of the leading suppliers for creative content writing in Hull and the surrounding areas.

Press Release Writing in Hull

Press releases go much further beyond news, their a marketing resource in your business’s arsenal. Developing and implementing a press strategy can help your business in multiple ways, from building brand awareness and exposure to exhibiting a product or service launch.

Press releases can even help build trust during your sales funnel. Media coverage has a tendency to validate your integrity in the eyes of the consumer and we’re sure there are even more benefits out there that we haven’t even addressed.

We’ve helped clients get featured in local, national and industry media and even been featured for content writing in Hull ourselves.

Our creatives work with you to create a capturing and engaging press release that conveys a publishable message whilst serving your marketing purpose. Being a good press release copywriter is all about utilising experience to find and act on an angle that will draw the attention of journalists and editors you’re hoping to approach. Our team have a vast amount of experience in this sector and can guide you from start to finish.

We can also advise on distribution and recommend you to a range of press distribution consultants we work with for client serving campaigns.

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