SEO: Being The Best, Not The First

Ten years ago i’d tell my clients ‘search engine optimisation will be huge for you, there’s absolutely no competition’, but times have changed a lot since then.

Why The SEO Landscape Has Changed

Ten years ago today, i was sat in our small office of twenty staff working on search engine optimisation campaigns. Some of them for the very same clients i continue to serve today. What’s different now? Everything. Search marketing has been on the marketing radar for approaching twenty years now but awareness has scaled significantly over the last decade.

Whereas once minimal competition levels made it simple enough to rank that i could often do so without anything more than technical optimisation, that’s a scarce opportunity in 2018. Everyone is competing for their share of search engine traffic.

Ranking on Google is no longer about who’s willing to invest their time into optimising their website or who arrives first, it’s about who has the talent to reach and maintain the top ranking positions for key search terms.

In order to achieve results, you not only have to dedicate the time to construct a campaign but you must outperform your competitors. You’ll be having to stay ahead with:

How Does This Effect Your SEO?

Search engine optimisation was once an accessible source of valuable traffic for most businesses, lucrative and easily achievable with the right knowledge. Today’s digital marketing scene is much more difficult to navigate and ranking organically on Google is more difficult than ever before. So why is it still at the forefront of attention? Search marketing is developing and attracting more traffic via local and voice searches, in addition to more advanced targeting functionality to help you reach relevant consumers. Whilst achieving ranking positions is more difficult, the rewards of earning those primary positions are more rewarding today.

The first position on Google attracts not only more than both the second and third together but more than the total of the other six positions on the page too. If you aren’t on page one, you can forget about attracting any volumes of traffic.

Distribution of Organic Clicks

Approaching SEO With A Strategy For Success

We’ve talked a lot about how much more rewarding search engine optimisation is today, but also about the increased difficulty in establishing rankings. So what do you do? Search engine optimisation is no longer one of those avenues you draw a little attention towards once in a blue moon. You’re committed to establishing a search presence continually or you’ll fluctuate in the irrelevant pages earning no traffic.

It’s not just about commitment anymore though, it’s about having the knowledge and skill set to outperform your competitors too. If you aren’t confident in your ability to execute a campaign that can compete with digital agency specialists, you need a professional service provider executing your campaign who is.

Search marketing is highly rewarding when successful, but it’s a difficult road from newly established to rank one for profitable search terms. Jump in with both feet forward or step back completely.

If you’re looking to enter the search engine optimisation race for your industry, understand and be willing to dedicate time, resources and a reasonable budget to not only executing your campaign but maintaining it through the early periods of low returns whilst you establish a revenue driving position.

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