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Search engine optimisation has become the feat of marketing strength and that isn’t without cause. When we are looking for a service provider, solve a problem or learn more about a topic, where do we go? Google. Much to our displeasure, agencies and freelancers alike with self-proclaimed credentials and no results continue to display themselves as a leading provider. There’s no doubt about it, we’re unrivaled for delivering SEO in Hull.

Due to the nature of search engine rankings, there are limited places of visibility for your target market. It’s not about checking the right boxes, it’s about having the most effective campaign. If you or your providers aren’t industry veterans, how will you compete with the competitors who are? We’ve been at the heart of SEO in Hull since 2006.

Technical Optimisation for SEO in Hull

Typically the term technical optimisation is used to describe the implementation of content and meta data that will work well with Google but it goes so much beyond this into more complicated territory. Technical optimisation is the foundation your campaign is built around and strongly influence what’s to come, so it’s important that it is done right.

You’ve likely had developers tell you your website is optimised and ready, software’s have shown you a lot of positive notes and Yoast SEO gives you those green traffic light responses, now we need you to throw everything you think that taught you away.

Applying technical optimisation goes so much beyond this from keyword research and allocation through to content structure, density and linking. You can’t afford to get this wrong if you want to be successful in your campaign.  Technical optimisation is so powerful yet often underestimated and we demonstrated this by establishing a page one rank for ‘SEO in Hull’ on a fresh domain with absolutely no links (indexed and ranked within a week).

We’re Trusted By Global Brands

When Compare the Market took a huge knock back from the infamous Penguin and Panda updates on Google, they needed to devise a strategy that would help them compete with other market leaders. They contracted us as special consultants to deliver technical optimisation on thousands of pages that generated incredible amounts of search engine growth.

We’re Slaying Giants For SMEs

We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses and startups compete with larger brands who’ve dominated search terms with their significantly higher investment. Adopting our unique campaign structure, we built natural and quality orientated campaigns that outperformed on major industry keywords whilst taking advantage of long-tail keyword opportunities to generate an early return on investment.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Too

We aren’t an exclusive provider to large or small providers, we’re eager to work with any business that takes their marketing seriously and we’d love to offer you a free consultation too.

Technical Optimisation for Compare the Market

Tiered Backlink Campaigns

Our unique strategy to tiered link building is a huge contributing factor towards the strength and quality of our natural backlink campaigns. So why would we share this information for competitors to see? Discussing an effective tier structured campaign and executing one are very different things.

If you were to ask a qualified marketing professional about tiered campaigns, you are likely to hear one of two reactions. They will endorse such advanced search engine optimisation processes that have been the backbone of many campaigns or squint in fright whilst remembering the penalties distributed globally by Google through 2010 to 2013.

You Can’t Cheat Google Long-Term

It’s essential to understand however, that it’s not a guessing game or taking a risk, it’s about your campaign and how it’s being implemented. Abel Hernandez and Phil from the local pub may both by strikers in the footballing world, but that does not mean Phil’s going to net 22 goals in a Championship season.

A strong tiered backlink campaign has to abide by Google’s standards and be performed naturally which demands a lot of time and resources. So it’s essential that you can trust your marketing agency to uphold the highest standards when executing your campaign and not fall back onto software automation (it’s too good to be true).

New Cove Marketing’s campaigns are 100% natural and as such do not put your search engine performance at risk or narrow your campaigns lifetime. This commitment to excellence is exactly why so many businesses choose us as their first choice for SEO in Hull.

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