Social Media Marketing in Hull

As with all of our marketing campaigns, we approach social networks with a completely natural and human executed campaign. It’s that personal touch and invested time that makes us stand out from the crowd. Whether your a large brand looking to establish a global presence or a local retailer searching for social media marketing in Hull, New Cove Marketing are your go-to provider for an effective campaign.

What is social media marketing? Is it creating a page and posting content ‘x’ times per day? No. That’s social media failing. Social networks don’t keep us coming back to read brand identifying articles, we’re addicted to these platforms because of their connectivity and engagement. Your brand needs to do exactly that, connect and engage with your potential and existing audience.

Content Creation for Social Media Marketing in Hull

Take a second and think about the type of brand created content that you engage with on social media platforms, why did you click on it? It seems so simple to take into consideration, yet we’re often more concerned about volume and consistency then quality. That’s exactly what New Cove Marketing avoids. We’re focused on delivering quality content that can reach larger audiences via social media marketing in Hull.

Creating quality content and an engaging customer experience can be demanding, but quality content is what drives social media growth. Instead of producing twenty articles and receiving minimum results, why not invest more time in quality content that can be re-marketed in the future too?

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It doesn’t have to be conversion orientated all the time. Let’s paint a picture to demonstrate this. There are thousands of plumbers on the internet and an overwhelming amount of uninspiring articles about pipes and taps. How many consumers really care enough to click? Very few.

Now lets compare that to a successful competitor that went so viral you may of heard of it yourself. One plumber decided to launch tongue-in-cheek employee of the week post, but this was no ordinary employee  of the week. He’d photo one of his clients dogs who’d kept him company whilst on his travels. Not only did this generate incredible amounts of engagement, he went viral around the world.

We’re not saying that you need to embrace the employee of the week model, but thinking outside of the box and using your creativity can help you stand out from the same boring approaches that have been depleted of value.

It’s Okay To Sacrifice Quantity To Preserve Quality

If you’re producing twenty articles a month that generate nothing more than a few clicks and a rare burst of engagement, imagine the transformation you could see in results by harvesting all of that effort into one or two effective messages that go viral.

We know it’s difficult to leave what you know behind, but marketing is a competitive space and you can’t meet the bare minimums and still generate a positive return on investment. Content isn’t the future of social media, it’s already firmly here in the present. Don’t panic though, we can help you take advantage of it with social media marketing in Hull.

Social Media Collaboration

If we sit down and talk about collaboration in social media marketing and review case studies, it seems like such a basic and valuable asset in your marketing arsenal. Still however, very few businesses adopt this model effectively. There are a variety of campaign strategies out there including networking and paid advertising as we’re discussing here, but the ability to collaborate and reach an established audience relevant to your target market is a very powerful attribute.

When collaborating via social media, it doesn’t have to serve as a perfect fit in terms of industry, service and product relevance. Some of the most successful collaborative campaigns have endured such success because they bring a different perspective but to an audience that’s still relevant.

An exceptional example of collaboration would be the F2 Freestylers. Now the largest football channel on YouTube globally, Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove built their social channel demonstrating their amazing skills. A huge factor to their success was collaboration with huge names in the footballing world that have reached peak heights including working with Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. The F2 Freestylers collaboration with Dude Perfect grew their following by 100,00 subscribers in just one day.

There are thousands if not millions of influencers across the social media spectrum which serve huge opportunities. New Cove Marketing are the leading service provider for social media marketing in Hull. We work with you to identify potential collaboration partners whilst working with you to build a relationship and develop a successful campaign. Collaboration isn’t industry limited or restrictive, you’re only held back by your creativity.

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